Commissioning Services

Meet Your Hose Reel & Fire Hydrant Testing Requirements

Any building with a new fire hydrant or hose reel is required to pass a series of performance tests to ensure they meet the relevant codes and Australian Standards including the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the National Construction Code (NCC). These fire hydrant testing requirements include hydrants, hose reels, boosters, pump sets and all associated valves and pipework.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade requires A.F.S.P.A.B. Certified Inspectors to submit a report detailing any defects or performance issues before declaring the fire service fit for purpose. Building Surveyors also require this report before they are able to issue a certificate of occupancy.

Whether your project involves a new building or refurbishment, contains a single hose reel or multiple hydrant locations, B SHore Fire Service can provide the tests and reports you need to pass the fire hydrant testing requirements and achieve industry approval.